por Wilson Ferreira

29 de dezembro de 2009, 18h10

Carthography and Topography of Mind: From “Vanilla Sky” to Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”

A set of films of this new century is going to “Vanilla Sky” to the recent version of Tim Burton for “Alice in Wonderland” shows that current cinema reflects a new techno-scientific agenda: psychocartographies and psychotopography. The mobilization of the neurosciences and cognitive sciences for Mapping the mind and consciousness. Mapping of imaginary worlds is […]

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29 de dezembro de 2009, 09h38

“Because we know you have something special”, says the Demiurge

The contest of children’s television channel Discovery Kids is emblematic. The contest seeks new presenters for their programs. Your emergency and recruitment tone seems to denounce the secret needs of the entertainment industry: just as the Demiurge in the cosmic field, the Archons in the field of micro media seek spiritual light and energy of […]

29 de dezembro de 2009, 09h06

Ad-Gnosis and Techgnosis: Two Shortcuts to Satori

Ad-Gnosticism (Gnosis + Advertising) and Tecnognose: two promises to spiritualize the cultural horizon. Spiritualization quick, painless, without contradictions or clashes. After the “here’s the product. Buy it!”, the ads say: “Here is the opportunity for spiritual renewal.” Once again the spiritual energy must be captured to give movement to empty and inert forms of the […]

28 de dezembro de 2009, 18h12

Why the Gnostic Movies are an American Trend?

The fact that the film be a Gnostic tendency eminently American is the result of a peculiar mix of religion and mysticism with origins in popular literary forms in that country since the eighteenth century Puritanism passing through periodic revivals of religion and mysticism as Mormons and Pentencostal at the turn of the nineteenth century […]

28 de dezembro de 2009, 17h40

Dicionário de Comunicação apresenta o verbete “tecnognose”

A conjunção entre Gnosticismo e Ciência (a princípio na Cosmologia, passando pela Biologia e, mais tarde, concentrando-se na Teoria da Informação e nas novas tecnologias computacionais) tornou-se a verdadeira porta de entrada para as mitologias gnósticas no século XX. O verbete “tecnognose”apresentado pelo Dicionário de Comunicação da Editora Paulus lançado recentemente define este conceito, fundamental […]

28 de dezembro de 2009, 17h18

Series Lost, Last Season: Trick of the Script or Archetypes Gnostics

Lost ends with fans divided: on one hand, those who felt betrayed by the writers of the series and the other, those who do not bothored with puzzles not explained by the series. But the interesting thing Lost is not in cartesian anxiety for solutions that could solve the script to the end, but the […]

28 de dezembro de 2009, 09h00

Ad-Gnosis: The Spiritual Engineering in Advertising

After the advertising reaching the subconscious and behavior with behavioral and subliminal techiniques, and unconscious with the psychoanalytic approaches, we are now the apex with a true spiritual engineering: the “Ad-Gnosis” (Advertising + Gnosis). In addition to the behavior and unconscious, the next target is the very spirit in archetypal approaches increasingly sophisticated in Advertising. […]

27 de dezembro de 2009, 21h24

The Joker and The Synchromysticism

“I warned him” said Jack Nicholson after the death of Heath Ledger, the interpreter of the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008). What I meant Nicholson with this warning? Like the archetypal psychopath, the Joker summarize not only as the thought-forms become autonomous and powerful current in pop culture but also, as Hollywood becomes the […]

27 de dezembro de 2009, 18h47

Faith and Gnosis in “The Road”

The Road (2009) is a film post-apocalyptic genre that you never saw. Unlike films with the same theme as The Book of Eli (2010), the faith of the protagonists is not in God or sacred books. Faith lost must be sought in the “heart fire”, the Gnostic quest for remembrance of what was lost and […]

27 de dezembro de 2009, 09h41

Conspiracies, Schizophrenia, Synchromysticism … Some Hypotheses to Explain the Gnostic Film

Anywhere where I expose my research on the film Gnostic insistent question arises: Hollywood is turning to Gnosticism? Screenwriters, directors and producers gnostics are invading the American film industry? Then everything could be a big conspiracy? The answers are not so simplistic. Even more, we know that the “revival” today is just another throughout history […]

26 de dezembro de 2009, 20h40

The “Ocean of Gnosis” in “Stranger Than Fiction”

Stranger Than Fiction (2006) explores the deep symbolism of the “Ocean of Gnosis” and the limits of a Writer / Demiurge, unable to solve the limits of time and becoming. It’s the old battle of man against Gnostic Demiurge one that wants to impose a narrative fatalistic, gnosis that struggle for the awakening of free […]

26 de dezembro de 2009, 08h17

Why Gnostic Movies Are An American Trend? (Final Thoughts)

While the Fantastic in the Old Continent has always been associated with the artistic avant-garde, the U.S. will permeate the forms of popular culture came in the twentieth century, creating a “sub-zeitgeist” represented by a whole literature of comic books, magazines, pulp fictions and filmic genres like sci-fi, horror and fantasy. The process of mass […]