por Wilson Ferreira

31 de dezembro de 2009, 17h41

The Negative Dialetics: The Gnostic Adorno

When reading the two threads of Negative Dialectics Theodor Adorno (“Experience Metaphysics and Happiness” and “Nihilism “) we find a critique of vulgar religiosity approaching the concept of transcendence to the search for a “meaning of life.” The Whole is the Truth (Hegel) The Whole is the False (T. Adorno) In the book “Negative Dialectics” […]

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31 de dezembro de 2009, 09h22

NASA to Hollywood: The Film Reflects Techgnostic Agenda

In a lecture given at the World Future Society in Boston last month, NASA’s chief scientist Dennis Bushnell introduced the new look for Tecnognose: environmentally friendly concern for global warming and climate change. Dispatch the man to virtual worlds to leave the planet in peace, through AI, nano and biotechnology, is his proposal. Hollywood seems […]

30 de dezembro de 2009, 22h34

Dogs and Archetypes: The Ad-Gnosis in Action

Because they are mnemonic records of spirituality and Light of the species, the archetypes naturally aspire to transcendence. But Ad-Gnosticism (Gnosis + Advertising), like any entertainment industry, the capture and confined within the instrumentality of trade. A prosaic example of the action of Ad-Gnosis is the new video advertising a brand of dog food. In […]

30 de dezembro de 2009, 20h53

“Neon Genesis Evangelion”: The Rise of Gnosticism in Japanese Animes

Just as the Western Eastern religions absorb the exotic style and fluidity, Asians appear to adopt the Abrahamic traditions. Such mythological traditions seem to translate best dystopian worlds and ultra-violent futuristic battle of the narratives of “Anime” Japanese. Neon Genesis Evangelion, for example, is a veritable encyclopedia of classic themes of Gnosticism, where man confronts […]

30 de dezembro de 2009, 19h50

Gnostic Flavor on “Slipstream”

Although the film does not deal explicitly gnostic themes, “Slipstream “is a” gnostic flavor ” to adopt a self-reflective consciousness is not just as the reality of his own cinematic language. When making a direct reference to a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, the film joins the tradition of “romantic irony” that studies the angst […]

30 de dezembro de 2009, 19h37

Drugs, Disco and 3D: The Pop Embodiment of The Mystic and Sacred

Of the first multimedia sensory areas of the 70 clubs to 3D cinema today, followed the materialization of all neo-Platonic a mystical and metaphysical dimension sacred: the embodiment of all archetypal symbolism of the species before our senses throughconvergence of media to digital technologies. What is the fate of ancient religious and mystical aspiration for […]

30 de dezembro de 2009, 17h24

In the Beginning was the Crisis: the ontology of Evil in the Gnostic Film

The narrative structure of the film symbolically represents the Gnostic drama described by the cosmic narratives of Gnosticism: Creation and Fall in a single Act. A corrupted cosmos since the beginning of Creation, Evil as an element principal of a written one which traps its protagonist in exile true spiritual origins. If a Gnostic writing […]

30 de dezembro de 2009, 10h04

Death and Resurrection in “Riverworld”

Despite the obvious problems of production and script, when dealing with classics elements of Gnostic symbolism Riverworld (pilot of a possible series) becomes a candidate to succeed the series Lost. Death / resurrection is the theme center, accompanied by the symbolism of the Gnostic Sophia and the division Kabbalah / alchemy in search for the […]

30 de dezembro de 2009, 09h57

“To Infinity and Beyond: The Buzz Lightyear’s Gnosis

The Toy Story trilogy explores a rich sacred symbols whose origins are in antiquity with Theurgy Alchemy and Gnostic involving the relationship with the human simulacra (dolls and puppets, and in modern times, automatons, androids and replicants). However, in an ambiguous way in which the Gnosis is dominated by Episteme. Once Prof. Marcelo Tassara, one […]

30 de dezembro de 2009, 09h11

Disney XD Freestyle Football: There is a Techgnostic Project for Football?

A techgnostic project hovering over the football. The video of the channel Disney XD which has undergone a football telemetry reflects an imaginary regressive project which aims to confine the Game and Play within a technology that aims to eradicate the Evil (error, failure, chance) as a human weakness. It’s what lurks behind every claim […]

30 de dezembro de 2009, 09h02

A Brief Gnostic History of the Spontaneity in the Entertainment Industry (Part 2)

After the Star System, Celebrities, pin ups, children and animals, the entertainment industry will seek the spontaneity in more invasive and pernicious ways in which the private perversions are transformed into public virtues. We finished the first part of the post about the entertainment industry and spontaneity approaching the trap that the media themselves ended […]

29 de dezembro de 2009, 18h10

Carthography and Topography of Mind: From “Vanilla Sky” to Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”

A set of films of this new century is going to “Vanilla Sky” to the recent version of Tim Burton for “Alice in Wonderland” shows that current cinema reflects a new techno-scientific agenda: psychocartographies and psychotopography. The mobilization of the neurosciences and cognitive sciences for Mapping the mind and consciousness. Mapping of imaginary worlds is […]